Recently my ECMP 355 class used to view a presentation our professor streamed to us from the 2008 TLt Summit in Saskatoon, SK. The keynote presenter was George Siemens and his presentation was entitles Education: An ecology of connections. George’s presentation was very interesting but rather than talking about the presentation I am going to talk about the tool we used to view the presentation.

This was my first time using Ustream and it was very user friendly. The professor of my class was using a webcam and his laptop to stream the presentation he was at to our entire class. We all logged onto Ustream and were able to view the presentation and chat to one another while we were viewing it. It was great to be able to discuss topics during a presentation through the chat application as opposed to being at a presentation and sitting silently without sharing our thoughts.

After using Ustream I began to think of ways I could use this amazing tool as a teacher. Similar to what my class used it for, I could use it to record presentations by my students or for my students. I think it would be amazing to share presentations with other schools in another city, province or even country who are studying the same subject. There are many possibilities for ways to use this tool. It would be great to stream school sporting events such as basketball or volleyball games so that parents or community members who could not be there in person are able to watch. This could also be used for drama or theatre productions and even school assemblies. There are so many possibilities.


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  1. I really liked this tool as well. I think it’s great for people who can’t be on location, and it would be helpful in class as well, so students can view the information after it was presented. As you pointed out, there are many more possibilities.

  2. This is definitely a great way to bring guest presenters to students. Although it is a nice experience for students to have live presentations at the school or to go on field trips, Ustream opens up so many more opportunities. Computers and projectors may also be a wiser use of available funding, since they can be used over and over to bring presentations to students, rather than spending a large amount of money on a one-shot event.

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