Promoting Business Education

I find that quite often high school students are not aware of what business education is all about and do not know what they can learn in the courses. To help solve this problem a fellow business educator and I created a video about the courses we currently offer. The video was shown to students during the week of their course selections. We also made QR code posters that students could scan using their mobile device and then watch the video. The response from students was very positive and we hope that now students are aware of the courses and opportunities that are available to them. Check out the poster and scan the QR code or click the link to view the video and let me know what you think.

By scanning the QR Code you will be taken to this video…
Campbell Business Education [click to watch]


One response to “Promoting Business Education

  1. Love the video! I struggle with the same problems as well in our small district, but I am at the middle school level. About to finish my first year as well. Good to find a fellow business educator who seems up on the tech side as well. After attending the NBEA national conference a couple weeks ago, I feel like business ed needs to step it up!

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