Response to Digital Learning in Prairie South School Division

This post is in response to the youtube video Digital Learning in Prairie South 2008. This video was very informative and opened my eyes as to how well technology is being utilized in certain areas of Saskatchewan. It’s amazing how well some teachers in the Prairie South School Division are doing at incorporating technology into teaching and learning as opposed to banning certain certain technologies.

One instance in this video that really struck me was how a school in Craik uses cellphones to enhance the learning of their students. I found this very interesting because I have heard a lot about schools trying to crack down on students who are misusing cellphones in class. I think it’s great that the school in Craik was able to take a negative situation and turn it into a positive learning experience for the students. This relates to a quote from the second video that I watched (Learning to change). One of the educators said, “Every turned off device is potentially a turned off child.” This emphasizes that educating a child can be much easier or powerful if we make it more relative to them and the things they are doing/using.

Another very interesting thing I saw in the Prairie South video was the physical educator who had his students doing a dance that was being projected on to a large screen in the gymnasium. This was an excellent example of the teacher being a facilitator and it allows for the teacher to move around the class/gym and help students without disrupting everyone else. It’s nice to see technology being used in physical education as it often seems as though physical activity and computing technologies don’t always go hand in hand.

These videos were both very inspiring and I hope to be able to incorporate technologies such as those shown in the videos when I am teaching. The only thing that worries me is making sure that I am up to date with the latest technologies, it is something that I am going to do my best to stay on top of so that I can give my students the best opportunity to learn.


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