Life as a First Year Teacher

Tonight I presented to a group of pre-serivce teachers at the University of Regina about “Life as a first year teacher.” It was great to share my experiences and advice while also learning from the other presenters (post-internship students and cooperating teachers). Here are the slides I used for my presentation. I tried to keep a simplistic design and focus more on what I was actually saying while using the slides to enhance my presentation. Let me know what you think and feel free to comment with any suggestions, comments or stories regarding your first year of teaching.


2 responses to “Life as a First Year Teacher

  1. Excellent!!! You are so right … all aspects are very improtant for future employment. Being visible in the school as well as building relationships with collegues and students is vey important. Jordan has got it! That’s what helped me get a job. Lacey Cook (5th year teacher)

    p.s. Jordan don’t forget to make time for YOU!

  2. Thanks for the comment Lacey! Great to hear what others think is important in the first year of teaching.

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