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Interview with Chris Betcher

Recently I had the opportunity to conduct a skype interview with Australian educator and technology integrator Chris Betcher. Before the interview I had the opportunity to do some research on Chris by checking his blog and taking a look at his tweets. Chris has done some great things and after conducting the interview I got to see how great of a guy he is as well. It’s always nice when current educators take the time to help out those who are about to enter the profession. During the interview I asked Chris questions about educational technology in general, edtech in the future, cellphones in the classroom etc. The video below is not the entire interview but rather a summary including some key points and stories. The video is not the greatest quality right now so I may upload a higher quality video in the near future but nonetheless it has some great content. This interview is a great example of the power of using things like skype and how easy it can be to bring experts into your class from around the world.

Check out the video below and feel free to comment with your thoughts on some of the topics discussed.


Reflective Blogging

I have found reflecting through blogging to be an excellent practice. During my 3 week pre-internship at a local high school last year, I wrote a reflective blog post every day. That reflective post allows you to look back at your experience and evaluate what went well, what didn’t work, and ways you might improve your lesson or experience. You can look through my pre-internship category of posts to see all of my reflections. While it was time consuming, I felt it was very effective as I can now come back to it at anytime if I am teaching those same lessons or classes again in the future. During my internship this year I chose not to write reflective blog posts but rather post short reflections on twitter. This did not work quite as well as I didn’t really look back or put a lot of thought into the tweets.

Overall I would suggest blogging as the best  form of reflection. Sharing your thoughts and experiences with others can allow for you to see different perspectives or new ideas via comments and links. Ideally I think it would be realistic to blog about once a week as an educator. When teaching full-time it seems as though a daily blog is highly unrealistic for most including myself.

Reflective blogging is a great form of personal and professional development. It can be a key contributor to improving ones teaching and learning practices.

What are your thoughts? Is reflective blogging realistic when teaching full-time? Is there a line to draw between personal reflections and educational reflections?

Aside from being used by educators as a form of professional development, blogging in the classroom can help students become networked learners as shown below.