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Life as a First Year Teacher

Tonight I presented to a group of pre-serivce teachers at the University of Regina about “Life as a first year teacher.” It was great to share my experiences and advice while also learning from the other presenters (post-internship students and cooperating teachers). Here are the slides I used for my presentation. I tried to keep a simplistic design and focus more on what I was actually saying while using the slides to enhance my presentation. Let me know what you think and feel free to comment with any suggestions, comments or stories regarding your first year of teaching.


A Collaborative Project – Improving Presentations

This semester Darin Janssen and I partnered with Mr. Park from Mortlach School in Mortlach, SK on a collaborative project. We set out to help Mr. Park’s students create better presentations using collaborative tools. We taught an online lesson and gave the students a brief introduction to some slide presentation design basics. We used WiZiQ to teach the lesson and GoogleDocs to view and provide feedback on student presentations. Check out the Prezi (see below) that Darin and I created as a way of reflecting on our project. It was a great learning experience and provided us with an excellent opportunity to teach online and see what it’s like to truly collaborate. A big thank you goes out to Mr. Park for allowing us to work with his class and helping us out along the way. I recommend viewing the Prezi in fullscreen for the full effect.

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Riding the wave…

This post is about Google Wave and some of the exploration and research I’ve been doing on it over the semester. I initially joined Google Wave on October 17, 2009. There was a lot of hype about it on twitter and I thought it would be great to be one of the first groups of people to try it out. At first it didn’t live up to the hype as none of my contacts really stuck with it and I basically just had a few solo waves going. That all changed when i discovered the public waves and saw just how powerful this tool can be. Now I can really see that there are some great uses for it. I’ve joined some public waves and recently created a wave for physical educators and I’m also working on a wave for business educators. Below you can see the slides for the online lesson on Google Wave I am teaching  in my ECMP 455 class tonight. I have also attached links to some useful resources. I’m always looking to connect with more people on Google Wave so feel free to add me [] or ask me for an invite. Also, let me know your thoughts in terms of Google Wave in education.

Google Wave 101 – Your one stop shop for all the Google Wave basics.

Google Wave Robots – A list of 100 robots in Google Wave.

How Google Wave can Change Education – Ideas for educational use of Google Wave.

The Most Important Wave Search – Showing you how to discover public waves.

My Google Wave Bookmarks – Everything I have bookmarked related to Google Wave.

Spreading the word: My recent presentation to 3rd year Ed students

Yesterday I gave one of my first (legitimate?) edtech presentations. I was asked to come and speak to the EPS 350 class at the University of Regina by one of my former instructors. This class consists of 3rd year secondary education students who are about to head into their 3 week field experience. The objective for my presentation was to give the students an introduction to teaching and learning with technology. I wanted to do this through introducing various tools for professional development and also things that can be used with a class. I talked mainly about E-portfolios/blogfolios, social bookmarking, and trying to create a “PLN“. There was a bunch of other things that I wanted to talk about including Google Apps for educators, Prezi, Jing etc. but 50 minutes just wasn’t enough time for me to cover that much stuff.

Overall I thought the presentation went well but I feel I could have made it more exciting and engaging. I spent a bit more time on e-portfolios than I wanted to, but they are creating portfolios in the class so I felt obligated to offer a lot of info there. Some things I would do to improve the presentation would be to have asked more questions and received some feedback from the class about what they already know or don’t know and what they want to know.

If you had 50 minutes to speak to a class of 3rd year education students what would you do? Which tools would you present to them? What ideas or thoughts would you discuss? What things would you do to make it engaging and interesting?

*Take a look at the brief outline of the presentation I gave.