ECMP Final Reflection…

As part of my ECMP 455 course I will be doing a few reflections over the next few days. I have decided to create a short video to reflect on a few of my experiences. This also served as an opportunity for me to play around with and create a green screen. It has been an amazing learning experience and I have really enjoyed all of the connections I have made both inside and out of the class.

View my reflection below as well as a video showing how I made the green screen. Let me know what you think.


5 responses to “ECMP Final Reflection…

  1. Thanks for the how-to, Jordan. Great work, by the way. I’ve never tried green screen in iMovie. I probably need a newer version of it, though.

  2. Christa Schmelinsky

    I love the creative reflection! Good stuff Jordan! 🙂

  3. That’s pretty sweet. Might have to try that for myself some time : )

  4. Thanks for the tips on how to create our own green screen Jordan! I am looking forward to catching up on your blog over the summer!

  5. Thanks for the comments. Green screen is a lot of fun and definitely worth trying. There is a lot of good info out there on making your own and other methods such as green fabric or paint.

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