Interview with Chris Betcher

Recently I had the opportunity to conduct a skype interview with Australian educator and technology integrator Chris Betcher. Before the interview I had the opportunity to do some research on Chris by checking his blog and taking a look at his tweets. Chris has done some great things and after conducting the interview I got to see how great of a guy he is as well. It’s always nice when current educators take the time to help out those who are about to enter the profession. During the interview I asked Chris questions about educational technology in general, edtech in the future, cellphones in the classroom etc. The video below is not the entire interview but rather a summary including some key points and stories. The video is not the greatest quality right now so I may upload a higher quality video in the near future but nonetheless it has some great content. This interview is a great example of the power of using things like skype and how easy it can be to bring experts into your class from around the world.

Check out the video below and feel free to comment with your thoughts on some of the topics discussed.


5 responses to “Interview with Chris Betcher

  1. Nice editing job. I like the intro statement and ending.

    The video proportions seem off. You might be able to go into the code and manually adjust the height and width. No big deal but you might want to try it.

  2. Jordan,

    One thing that teachers do need to be aware of regarding cell phones in the classroom is the video recording capability. I have classified five types of Classroom Videos I’ve found on YouTube, the most disturbing of which is probably the “Hidden” category. Teachers need to be aware that the potential for anything and everything being recorded in their classrooms exists.

    But Chris is absolutely right. It’s all about use management. If we ignore or ban the cellphones, we are doing nothing about teaching appropriate uses of the technology. If we integrate this technology, I think there will be less potential for abuses of it, especially if we are keeping them so busy with engaged learning.

    I believe that most of the classroom & teacher videos filmed by students that I’ve found online are the result of extreme student boredom. Fix that problem and you’ve fixed a whole lot of the bad things that can happen with technology.

  3. @Dean I’m not satisfied with the quality of the video but hopefully in the next few days I’ll be able to do some playing around and improve it. I almost didn’t put it on vimeo due to the poor quality. I might use iMovie 09 and see how that goes.

    @Bill You make a good point about hidden cameras in the classroom. Like you said, I think if we teach appropriate use and engage students with these tools than we can help decrease the misuse that sometimes happens.

  4. Interesting point, talking about Twitter. I know a lot of people that are only following one or two people and don’t see how it’s useful. It’s not until you have a larger network that Twitter becomes particularly useful for the professional.

  5. The video is now better quality and much smaller in terms of file size having used iMovie 09 as opposed to iMovie HD 6.

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