Tools I am exploring this month…

This month I am specifically spending a lot of time exploring a couple of tech tools in preparation for an online lesson I will be teaching in my ECMP 455 class. The tools I have chosen are Google Wave and Prezi. While I have briefly used each of these tools before, I plan to gain a better understanding of how to use them effectively both in and out of the classroom. Specifically, with Prezi I want to look at how to make an effective presentation as there are so many more options in Prezi than there are in tools such as powerpoint. With Google Wave I want to see what exactly it can do, if there is a practical use for it in teaching and learning or if it is just an over-hyped web tool.

Below is a video which gives a brief introduction to the idea of Google Wave…

As I continue to explore I would like to connect with people who are currently using Google Wave as it seems most of my contacts have signed up but are not active. My username is so feel free to add me or leave your username in the contacts section. Also, feel free to direct me towards any well done Prezi presentations that you have discovered or created.


5 responses to “Tools I am exploring this month…

  1. I used Prezi a few times in internship, but I’d also love to use it more effectively. Those plain English videos are absoultely fantastic. I played one to my Law class to explain wikis.

  2. Jordan, I was planning on teaching Google Wave as well. However, I haven’t had much luck finding anyone to “wave” with me. I just added you as a Google Wave contact and maybe we can play around with it a bit.

    As for Prezi, Dean used one to introduce my 355 class to Twitter. You can find it on his wiki at

  3. I look forward to seeing what Google Wave is all about. I was introduced to Prezi last year and I’d have to say that I’m hooked!

    For a final project in ECMP 355 last semester my partner and I used Prezi to make a graphic timeline of teaching and technology. We interviewed several teachers for their input about which tools they used in the classroom.

    It turned out great, other than the picture quality – if I wasn’t a broke student I would buy istock photos… but since that’s not the case Google prevails!

    Check it out –

  4. I’ve had my Wave account for some time now. Of course, the big issue is that nobody seems to be on it. But that’s normal, it is still in preview afterall.

    I’m excited to see how Wave will be used in education. Not only for students, who will be able to get around the dreaded group meetings for projects and be able to collaborate from home in their pyjamas (Wave, where were you when I was in university!), but especially for educators. Imagine designing a unit plan or curriculum model. Wave would allow you to have a large amount of educators collaborating on the document all in real time. You could even have different people working on different parts of it! Think of how much faster such a document could be produced and think about the increase in quality it would gain from having so many different viewpoints working on it.

    Needless to say, I’m excited to see where Wave will take us.

  5. I would like to learn Wave, I have an account. If anyone is interested in collaborating on something using Wave, please involve me. kyle.mckune at I think a group of PE teacher could organize and create a presentation that could be shared and used at all the different State PE conventions. I was invited to present at the KAPHERD (Kentucky) Convention. I thought immediately about twitter, but now I am thinking it would be even better to present something that was collaborated on using teachers that I found through networking on Twitter. Contact me if anyone is interested.

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