March 18th, 2009 – My First Staff Meeting

Today was a half day for the students which meant that all 5 periods were condensed so they could fit in the morning. We started our day off by doing some research for our EBUS assignment and discussing Business Education at Campbell in our 1st period spare. I also used this time to ensure that I had photocopied enough exams for my 3rd period Accounting 20 class – my first test as a teacher.

After all of that it was time for 3rd period where my Accounting 20 class wrote a chapter test. They were great, everyone wrote quietly and finished their exam within the condensed class period. Because this was my first test as a teacher it also meant my first time marking a test (I actually just finished marking the test and will hand them back tomorrow).

In Entrepreneurship the students continued working on the Apprentice Challenge we assigned yesterday. The groups seem to do be doing very well so far and all students appear to be very engaged in the activity. It is nice to see that students are enjoying it. The activities are not easy as time is a huge factor and they are forced to work efficiently, be creative, and come together as a team. The students did an excellent job on the first challenge and I can’t wait to judge the second challenge tomorrow when students present in the “boardroom”.

After lunch today we had core subject area meetings and then the staff meeting. It was my first time experiencing both of these and it was very interesting. I enjoyed hearing the other Practical and Applied Arts teachers talk about what they will be doing for the PAA9 course which spends a little bit of time in multiple subjects. It was also nice to hear about some of the issues that surround PAA courses in Regina high schools such as enrollment, fees etc. Another positive about the core meeting is that we got to know the PAA teachers a little better as we all sat together at one table for the hour and a half meeting.

Next it was time for the real deal, the staff meeting. This took place in the teaching theatre which is a very impressive classroom for a high school. A lot of topics and issues were covered in the staff meeting including an upcoming multicultural extravaganza, hosting the national debate championship, and all of the pre-interns were introduced to the staff by their cooperating teachers. The staff meeting ended with an hour long presentation by the principal. It was very informative and he presented some interesting information. A couple things that I found surprising were some of the statistics…

1. 70% of the staff has been at the school for less than 5 years

2. 75% of the staff has been at the school for less than 10 years

These were just 2 of many interesting points that were made during the staff meeting. Another thing that surprised me was that the staff meeting went until 4:30pm. I never realized that staff meetings went over the regular school/teaching hours, not that it was a bad thing. Overall today was a good day, it was a nice change up from the routine we had been getting used to and we got to experience a staff meeting.

My high for the day – During Entrepreneurship 30 I overheard a student talking about how much they like the commercial advertisement activity they are working on right now. It felt good to hear that!

My low for the day – Knowing that tomorrow is my last day of pre-internship…

Something I would change – I accidently had my Entrepreneurship students sign off of their computers 7 minutes before the bell today because I mistakenly thought it was going to ring. In the future I will make sure I know exactly what time the bell rings at on staff meeting days as I took away 7 minutes of work time from my students. Lesson learned.


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