March 17th, 2009 – The Apprentice Round 2

The day began with some planning in 1st period. I made sure my lessons were fully completed and put some finishing touches on my presentation for Entrepreneurship. After 1st period it was homeroom and today we headed to the gym for a demonstration by the cheerleaders and dance team. It was very impressive, the gym was jam packed, the demonstration was a great display of athleticism, and this was all done within the 15 minute homeroom (CAP) period.

In 3rd period I continued teaching in Accounting 20. Today I started off by having the students fill out a feedback sheet on the jeopardy game we played last class. I did this for my own professional development and to see if they enjoyed it as much as I though they did. The feedback was great and I got some really good suggestions. I think it’s important to listen to student ideas as they often have some very creative thoughts. After the feedback, the students worked on terms and questions for most of the class. We marked the terms and questions at the end of the class and then I reminded them of their chapter test tomorrow. This will be the first time I have given a “test” to one of my classes.

Over lunch I did some of the last minute preparation for Entrepreneurship 30. We continued on with the Apprentice Challenges today, they did great yesterday and today was challenge #2. I created a prezi to introduce the challenge to the students (VIEW THE PREZI). I have been wanting to use a lot of educational technology and web2.0 tools to enhance student learning during my internship and have been looking for a good opportunity to use prezi. I also recently read Mike’s blog post which linked to a prezi he created and that motivated me even more to use it. Technology aside, the teams are off to a great start on the commercials we are having them create for a major athletic apparel company (Apprentice Challenge #2). The commercials will be presented on Thursday so tomorrow will be a work period (although it is a shortened period due to the staff meeting tomorrow).

My high for the day – Entrepreneurship 30. Introducing challenge #2 to the students and also showing the students the short videos that Ms. Hanson and I each created as examples (I will try to post these soon).

My low for the day – Partly learning how to use the photocopier but not fully being able to use it without the assistance of a fellow pre-intern or librarian. It was my first attempt at the photocopier today and I plan to continually improve so that I am an independent photocopier.

Something I would change – I would have prepared for 4th period a little sooner as there was a minor technological issue with the first projector we tried to use. It was only about a 2 minute issue before we got a working projector but it would have been nice to have gone error-free.

I am looking forward to experiencing my first staff meeting tomorrow.


One response to “March 17th, 2009 – The Apprentice Round 2

  1. Thanks for the shout out. 🙂

    I’ve had a projector die on me half an hour after I tested it. I also had a projector make strange sounds as if it was going to blow up so I decided to not use it during my lesson.

    Have to think fast when you’re using technology. There’s so many things that could go wrong.

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