March 16th, 2009 – Monday Funday

It is now the last week of pre-internship and it feels as though it is literally flying by. The first two observation days seemed to be very long but ever since we have started teaching the days seem to fly by. This week the two classes I am mainly focusing on are Accounting 20, which I have been teaching since Wednesday, and Entrepreneurship 30, which Ms. Hanson and I started teaching today.

In Accounting 20 today it was Monday Funday which meant I started the class off by having students mark each other’s assignments from Thursday and I recorded the marks. After the fun start we went on to play a game of Jeopardy – Accounting Edition [I discovered a great site ( for making your own jeopardy games online via my delicious network and I really wanted to try it out]. I created the Jeopardy game specifically for Chapter 16 of the textbook they are working out of. I brought prizes, including a pack of Chartered Accountants (CA) gum and a very fashionable CA book bag (See photos below). The students did very well and I was happy with the result. The game was competitive, questions were challenging, students were engaged, and most importantly it was fun. Check out the actual Jeopardy game I created

After lunch it was time for our first day of Entrepreneurship in 4th period. The class has been watching “The Apprentice” on Fridays for most of the semester and as mentioned in an earlier post, Ms. Hanson and I wanted to do some Apprentice-like activities with the class.

For today’s class we planned a 1 class period group activity having the students choose a new mascot for Campbell Collegiate. We had the assignment state that due to recent legal issues over the use of the Tartan as the school mascot, administration is looking for a new school mascot. The students had only the class period to create a slide presentation on the new mascot they have chosen, some images of what it may look like, and other specific criteria. The students presented right before the end of the class and we (Ms. Hanson, our cooperating teacher, Marg, and I) decided on the winner as the students waited outside the class. We then invited them back into the “boardroom” and announced the winner. It was a lot of fun and really forced the students to work together using their creativity. Tomorrow we will be doing another Apprentice-like activity with the class relating it to another part of the Entrepreneurship curriculum.

My high for the day – Both the Jeopardy game I played in Accounting 20 and the Apprentice activity in Entrepreneurship 30.

My low for the day – Realizing that pre-internship will soon be over.

Something I would change – Well when I started the Jeopardy game today I forgot to state a couple specific rules such as always answering with “what is” or “who is” and also stating that students cannot tell their teammates the answer. This only affected a few of the early questions and was not a big issue but it would have been even better had I covered those 2 rules before we started.

Check back to see what Apprentice-like activity is on the menu for Entrepreneurship 30 tomorrow!

(Accounting Jeopardy Prizes below)


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