March 13th, 2009 – School Based in-Service (No Students)

There were no students at school today as it was an in-service day for teachers. Because Campbell has such a large staff I saw quite a few teachers today that I had not yet seen. It was nice to interact with some of the teachers during the sessions and see how things work during in-service days.

To start the day off Kayla and I attended the RAP (Response Ability Pathways) session. It was a great session and touched on things such as the Circle of Courage and Reclaiming Youth. There were some interactive aspects, the staff was split into groups for the completion of a question sheet agreeing or disagreeing with statements about youth. I had been introduced to the Circle of Courage in the past and just vaguely introduced to RAP. I feel as though I can take some of the things I learned in this session and implement it in my teaching.

For lunch a few of the pre-interns went out together to a local restaurant. It was nice to share our experiences thus far and talk about the differences in subject areas. There are about 13-14 pre-interns at Campbell in a wide array of subject areas. Often we eat lunch together or chat in the staffroom about how our lesson or units are going. It’s interesting to see what happens in other subject areas.

After lunch we attended a session on Critical Thinking. I felt that it was presented creatively and done very well. The presenters (3 teachers) used a couple short movie clips  to show examples that related to their topic (1 was a 10 minute clip from the Dark knight). I was very impressed with the speaking and storytelling skills of the presenters. They also had some interaction in this session as we were split into subject areas, Kayla and I were the only Business Ed representatives as our coop was in a different session. This was the last session of the day and now it was the weekend – time to catch up on some sleep!

My high for the day – Going for lunch with some of the other pre-interns and talking about our experiences thus far. As I stated earlier it was nice to hear others stories and learn more about what teaching is like in their subject areas.

My low for the day – When I got home from school today I had the daunting task of teaching my mom how to send a text message. She learned quickly and now seems to be a capable “texter” but I’m not sure if that will be a good or bad thing for me.

Something I would change – Try to get to know some of the teachers better. I know some of the teachers from various sporting or school related events and activities but there are many that I do not know. At the same time, it is very tough to get to know a lot of the teachers when I am only there for 3 weeks. I think it will be easier in internship when I am at a school for a whole semester.

*Note – The Campbell sr. boys basketball team won the City Championship last night but unfortunately the sr. girls team lost to Sheldon. Campbell traditionally has high achieving basketball teams among the many other successful extra-curricular activities that are offered.


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