March 12th, 2009 – Accounting round 2

Today was a very good day. In 1st period I went over my lesson hoping to ensure that it would go smoothly. After that it was homeroom with the grade 9’s. It was a free day today and I was able to walk around the class chatting with the students.

In second period it was the last day of presentations and also the last day that Ms. Hanson and I get to teach them. The presentations went really well and I truly enjoyed teaching the class for the past 2 weeks. We got to know most of the students pretty good over the last couple weeks and the class was a lot of fun.

Third period was my second attempt at Accounting 20. This lesson went very well and was a great rebound from yesterday. I was very well prepared, felt confident, and had fun with the students. The students are great in this class and there is no classroom management issues at all. It almost felt too quiet when they began working on their assigned questions. For Monday I am planning to play a jeopardy game with the students to review the chapter and go over the terms, it should be fun.

In the afternoon I once again did some marking and then observed Ms. Hanson teaching Accounting 10 again. She did a great job and capped off an excellent day with an excellent lesson. Tomorrow there is no school for students as it is a PD Day for staff. I’m interested to see how things work tomorrow and what PD Day’s are like.

My high for the day – My Accounting 20 lesson which went really well.

My low for the day – Not packing a lunch which meant I had to go out and buy a lunch.

Something I would change – Today was a really solid day and I don’t believe I would change anything.


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