March 10th, 2009 – Presentations and P.E.

Today we started off with our usual first period prep, we took a look at what classes we will be teaching for the rest of our 3 week block and also decided on other subject areas we wanted to sit in on. After first period it was time for homeroom with the grade 9’s. Kayla and I led a homeroom discussion today on a personal question sheet. The grade 9’s are a tough crowd as they don’t easily open up and participate in class discussions. We managed to get them to participate but it was difficult to keep consistent participation. This class is definitely good practice for leading discussions and trying to get students to participate.

After homeroom it was off to the computer lab for CAMP 10 where we had the first round of music video presentations. The music videos today were excellent and I plan to ask a couple students for permission to post their videos on my blog so that I can show examples of the assignment I have been talking about. The rest of the students will be presenting over the next 2 days.

In the afternoon I was able to dabble in my minor as I taught a Phys Ed 9 class. Although the teacher who I originally arranged to teach for was sick today, the sub had been notified that I was coming in to teach. It felt great to get into the gymnasium as it is quite different from teaching in a classroom or computer lab. There were about 25 boys in the class and they all did a great job of participating and attempting everything that I showed and asked them to do today. The lesson was on basketball and it went well, the students were active the whole time and I received some great feedback from the substitute teacher. I think I may ask to teach another Phys Ed Class next week if I can find time.

My high for the day – Seeing the final products of the still photo music videos we had our students create in CAMP 10. I was very impressed with the videos so far and am looking forward to seeing the rest. Another high from today was teaching a Phys Ed lesson.

My low for the day – Calling our grade 9 homeroom class grade 10’s and later in the class thinking that the leaning tower of pisa was in France. Although I did have those 2 slips I managed to finish the class strong and even received a high five from one of our students.

Something I would change – No regrets from today! (Well, I may have taught Phys Ed in 5th period as I had the opportunity but felt that I should discuss my Accounting 20 lesson for tomorrow with my coop.)


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