March 9th, 2009

The main focus for today was the CAMP 10 class that Kayla and I have been team-teaching since last Monday. Many of the students finished up their still photo music videos today while others still need a little more time. Tomorrow we will begin the first round of students presenting their videos to the class. It will probably take a couple of class periods for all of the students to present. For the class presentations we are having each student save their video on a class memory stick and then plugging it into the projected computer and letting them play.

The only thing I would change from today would be to have some better activities planned for the students who are finished their videos. I’m realizing the challenges that arise when some students finish their work much earlier than others. It can be tough to find bonus activities or extra things for the students to work on.

Today I also had some time to prep for my upcoming accounting 20 unit which I will begin on Wednesday. Tomorrow I will get my first experience teaching high school physical education as I am going to teach a basketball lesson to the grade 9 boys class in fourth period.

My low for the day – At first not knowing how to get the movies saved correctly in windows movie maker so that we could transfer them onto other computers using the flash drive. But after some help from Mr. Adolph this problem was solved.

My high for the day – Having some great taco salad for lunch from the school’s canteen. I complemented the taco salad with a tasty chocolate milk which made for an excellent lunch.

Looking forward to the rest of this week as it is sure to be very busy and exciting. Stay tuned to hear more about the CAMP 10 videos and maybe I’ll even post one to my blog.


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