March 6th, 2009

Today was a work period for our Computer Applications Multimedia Production 10 class. Many of the students are getting fairly close to finishing their still photo music videos. The videos are looking really good and we plan to have students present to the rest of the class on Tuesday or Wednesday. I’m really enjoying teaching this class, I feel very comfortable with the students and like interacting with them.

During lunch in the staff room I had a really good talk with a substitute teacher who I believe was actually a retired teacher. We talked a lot about different things going on in high schools around the city and what subbing is like. He really enjoys subbing and told me a lot of the positive things. I should also note that I ran into a recent grad from our Business Ed program who was subbing for the class next to ours. She seems to be enjoying it, she told me that she was recently at Winston Knoll and ran into Amy and Andrea.

In the afternoon I met with one of the physical education teachers (who I happen to know very well) and decided that on Tuesday I will get to teach a grade 9 all boys physical education class. I’m really looking forward to this as teaching in the gymnasium is a lot different than the classroom. Next week should be fairly busy as I will also be picking up an Accounting 20 class on Wednesday.

My high for the day – All of the positive interactions and conversations that I had with students today. I’m getting to know many of the students quite well and really enjoy talking with them and hearing what they have to say.

My low for the day – Forgetting to bring a water bottle. I tend to drink a lot of water during the day to stay hydrated but today I did not have one and got very thirsty throughout the day.

There isn’t anything major that stands out in my mind when thinking about what I would change. I’m looking forward to next week as Kayla and I will continue to team-teach CAMP 10 but we will both also be teaching individually in Accounting 10 and 20. I’m hoping to continue learning even more next week.


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