March 4th, 2009

Today Kayla and I continued on with teaching in CAMP 10. Our lesson went well, the students were working very hard after we did our instruction and they all seem fairly intrigued with the project. One little “Aha” moment that I had during our lesson was when a student told me that they were messing around with wordle last night (we taught them wordle the day before and they are required to have one in their video). She said she was pasting different song lyrics into it, looking at the keywords, and playing around with the design. It was nice to see that the student really enjoyed something that we had shown them, even something as little as wordle.

My high point of the day – Getting to go around the class at the start of Accounting 10 in 5th period and fake record a homework check. It was a fun little joke we played on the students, I acted like I was going to teach today before handing over the reins to our coop. Joking aside, it was also nice to circulate the class and help students who had questions. They were working on a balance sheet and I felt like an accounting whiz because it was content I knew fairly well.

My low point of the day – In the morning before we taught our CAMP 10 lesson, we were having trouble with projection display and the internet was down. Fortunately we figured out the display and the internet was back to normal during our class so everything worked out.

I can’t say there is anything that I would change from today. I’m really looking forward to seeing the final projects in our CAMP 10 class as we will be having everyone present their video to the class. I’m also looking forward to starting up my Accounting 20 unit as well as doing a Physical Education lesson or two.


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