March 3rd, 2009 – The day I pulled the projection screen down all the way…

I’ll start today’s reflection off by talking about what I would change. In preparation for today’s lesson, which I will talk about later, I was setting up the computer lab and pulled down the projector screen. Without thinking and just pulling, I pulled the projector screen all the way down. It wasn’t until after class when myself and Kayla tried to get the screen to go back up that we realized I pulled it too far. After numerous attempts at getting it back up we realized it was stuck. One of the other teachers who uses the lab was not too impressed at first and we discussed a bunch of stuff like how to get it repaired, having to get it replaced etc. Originally I wasn’t too worried about the situation but that started to change and it wasn’t until 5th period that I received some good news. Apparently a teacher with the magic touch was able to get the screen up. Lesson learned…Don’t pull the screen all the way down, leave a few inches.

As far as teaching, we continued our team teaching in CAMP 10 and that went pretty well. The class was very well behaved and put in some solid work today, I was really pleased with lesson. Tomorrow we are introducing Windows Movie Maker and giving the students a basic tutorial.

Today I was also able to look ahead to some of my other teaching opportunities. It looks like I will get to do a 3-5 lesson sequence in Accounting 20 on Adjusting Entries, at least one grade 9 boys Phys. Ed lesson, and a few lessons in Entrepreneurship 30.

Lastly, it was an unfortunate night for the Campbell junior boys basketball team. The season ended in a very tight loss to the Riffel Royals. It’s too bad that the season has come to an end as I’ve really enjoyed spending time with the team. Unfortunately earlier in the year I couldn’t always make it to practice and games as I had my own basketball as well as a couple night classes. I really enjoyed the high school coaching experience but it’s never easy to end the season with a loss.


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