March 2nd, 2009

Today was an exciting day, it was the first day of actual teaching for Kayla and I. In period 2 we co-taught a lesson in CAMP 10 or CAMMP 10 (Which stands for Computer Applications Multimedia Production). Our lesson was on the pre-production stage of the production process from the CPT Curriculum. We briefly introduced and explained the project that students will be working on for the next few classes and then focused specifically on the pre-production components of the project. As I briefly mentioned in my last post, the project we have created for students is for them to create a music video using still photos (See example video below). This project is to give students an understanding of the 3 stages and basic introduction to editing before they work on a video project later in the semester.

In today’s lesson we had the students working on their script and storyboard for the music video. The lesson went pretty well and the students seem to be interested in the idea of making their own music video. They worked on finding their song lyrics and then getting them approved by either myself or Kayla. After that they began to look for images that fit with their lyrics using sites like photobucket and flickr. We are also requiring the students to create a Wordle using the lyrics of their song and include it as one of the images. I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished products.

In the other classes today we mainly observed, did some planning, and also did the pre and post-conference for our lesson. It was nice to receive some feedback and hopefully we can make our lesson tomorrow even better.

After school today I quickly switched roles from pre-intern to assistant coach of the junior boys basketball team. The team is getting ready for a big playoff game tomorrow night and having practice right after school got me thinking…Coaching or helping out with other extra-curricular activities is a lot like teaching another class. For example, in basketball it is important to have a practice plan for each practice (similar to a lesson plan) with specific objectives you would like the team to meet. There are also yearly goals and many other aspects that relate very closely.

The one thing that I would consider changing today would be the closure of the lesson we taught. We didn’t do the greatest job of making sure that everyone was paying attention to us and it was fairly informal. Tomorrow I think it will be beneficial to have all students engaged at the end so we can review and talk about next day. Other than the closure today I felt we had the students engaged and working productively.

A video that is fairly similar to the project we are having our students create…


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