Observation Day 2: Pre-Internship

Day 2 went well. After only 1 day I could already tell I am beginning to feel more comfortable in the school and with the students. Today we started to look more at what we would like to start teaching next week and also which other classes/subjects around the school we would like to observe. As far as teaching, Kayla and I will be starting to team-teach CAMP 10 on Monday, which is pretty much the same as CPT at this point in the class. We will be introducing scripts, storyboards, and an assignment we are going to have them complete – using still photos to make a music video.

Also today we were able to head over to the gymnasium and help out with an all boys Physical Education 9 class. They started off by writing a quick 15 minute quiz on Team Handball and then split up into teams for a volleyball tournament. It was fun to get in the gym and let loose a bit with the students. After talking to the Phys. Ed teacher it appears that Kayla and I will get the opportunity to teach a Team Handball or Basketball lesson at some point in the near future.

Another thing we did today was watch an episode of The Apprentice with Donald Trump in Entrepreneurship. Every Friday they watch an episode from the very first season and have a little worksheet to fill out. While watching the show, we started to think that it would be fun to create an Apprentice like competition with our class. We could split the class into 2 teams and have different Entrepreneurship related tasks for them to complete each week relating to the curriculum – advertising competition, trying to sell a product in the school etc. It was a good thought and maybe we will get to try it out during our 3 week block. For those of you who are unfamiliar with The Apprentice, below is the introduction for all of the Season 1 episodes.

I’m looking forward to next week as I will actually be teaching lessons and hopefully sitting in on some classes in other subject areas. Be on the lookout for my next Pre-Internship update.


One response to “Observation Day 2: Pre-Internship

  1. Sounds like you had a good 2nd day of your pre-internship. I loved my pre-internship. Things are going to go so fast! I love The Apprentice idea for your entrepreneurship class. I think your students will too. Good luck with the rest!

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