Observation Day 1: Pre-Internship

Today was my first day of observation for my pre-internship placement at Campbell Collegiate. My partner Kayla and I arrived at the school around 8am and met with our cooperating teacher shortly after. We also met the principal (who was the principal at my school back in grade 9) and a few other teachers. After sitting down and getting acquainted with our cooperating teacher, we went on a tour of the school during her first period prep time.

The school is very BIG, both in population of students and size of the building. It was a fairly in-depth tour of the school and we got to see some of the technology and tools we have access to for our teaching. The computer lab we will be using has a projector which will come in handy. One thing that I found a little surprising is that there are only 3 video cameras for the whole school. There is also a production lab with a green screen and area for an audio lab but we have been told it is in a transition period (being changed quite a bit). Another thing that stood out during the tour was a lecture theater on the third floor of the school. It reminds me a lot of an a university lecture theater, seating over 80 students. It is a smart classroom with a projector and a few other neat features. I will try to take some photos to share as it is fairly impressive for a high school, maybe I will even get a chance to teach in it.

After the tour we spent the day observing classes, talking with students, and seeing where they are at in the curriculum. Our cooperating teacher has a Computer Applications Multimedia Production 10 class (CAMP – mix of Information Processing and Communications and Production Technology), an Accounting 10 class, a blended Accounting 20/30 class, and an Entrepreneurship 30 class. After experiencing all of the classes we got to talk a bit about which classes we would like to teach in and what parts of the curriculum we would like to teach. We plan to discuss this further and we may even have the opportunity to start teaching about storyboards in the CAMP 10 class on Monday. *Campbell does not offer Information Processing, it is part of the CAMP class.

Lastly, another thing that stood out to me was how empty the staffroom was at lunch. Kayla and I ate lunch in the staffroom and there were only about 5 other teachers in there for most of the lunch period with a few others popping in and out. Maybe most teachers go out for lunch or eat in their classroom? It was surprising that with such a large staff the lunchroom was almost empty.

Overall it was a really good day. The only things that I would change is introducing myself to the students a little better by letting them know a little more about me and also getting to know some of their names. Our introductions today were fairly basic and the students didn’t get to know too much about us but hopefully we can change that in the next few days.

Stay tuned for my daily reflections on Pre-Internship and feel free to leave a comment!


One response to “Observation Day 1: Pre-Internship

  1. Quite a difference between schools. Martin has a small staff and there were at least fifteen in the staff room at lunch.

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