Mac or PC?

I have heard from many people that “once you go Mac, you’ll never go back.” It seems as though almost all of the mac users that I know are very happy with their computer. Having grown up using a PC for most of my life both in and out of school (although I have used a macbook very briefly for one video editing project about a year ago) I thought that I should expand my computer experience and try out a mac for a while. Through my ECMP 355 class I was able to spend the past week using a MacBook Pro for all of my computer needs. Overall It was a great experience, it took a short while for me to get used to the basic differences but after that I found the mac to be very user friendly. Aside from being user friendly the mac was very well designed, everything from the icons and desktop to the computer as a whole. The design was very clean and simple (See my previous blog post on Design). The programs worked well and it was fun to play around on things like GarageBand and PhotoBooth. I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary when using the mac, it was mostly basic everyday computer use and after that I think it is fair to say that I have been “converted” to Macs. It was sad to return the MacBook Pro to my prof and I definitely think that my next computer purchase will be a mac.

Although I preferred the Mac for everyday use I wonder which (Mac or PC) would be a better fit for an Information Processing class? From my experience and what I have heard it seems as though Macs are preferred for video editing? Would Macs be a better fit for a high school Communications Production Technology class? Overall which is a better choice for schools? Elementary? Secondary? I would like to hear what people think about this topic, please leave a comment about your experience with either of the two or your thoughts on this issue.

Me giving the MacBook Pro a thumbs up!


One response to “Mac or PC?

  1. Helen Sukovieff

    Now that we are using the same software the question of PC or Mac is not as relevant. You probably heard that every Mac (and every PC)was removed from the public high schools in Regina and replaced with a leased PC. The software is the Adobe suite of products and had the decision gone Mac it would have been the same software. But, just to throw in my two cents, I was glad to finally have the same platform for all of my classes – and happy that the decision went PC.

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