Tech Task #4 – Critique the design of a slide presentation

Tech Task #4 – Find a presentation on slide share that you think incorporates some good design principles. Embed it on your blog and write a critique outlining the effective design principles.

I feel that the slide show “What is Design?” does an excellent job of using effective design principles. Being that this slide show is about design it is obvious that one of the main objectives was to incorporate good design principles. As Dean Shareski mentioned in his presentation to our class, negative space and the use of black and white can be very effective. To me this slide does a great job of using the black and white theme . The text really jumps off the page and the slides look clean, creative and effective. Another well used design principle is the different sizes of font. For the most part the font is very big but at times it changes size and that adds to the effect. There are also pictures on some of the slides which help to create a visual of the message that is being parlayed to the viewer. The message is clear, the slides are bold and it is visually pleasing.

It wasn’t until Dean Shareski presented to my class on the importance of Design that I realized how poorly designed some of my old slide shows are. I was/am guilty of all the crimes that you can commit in a power point presentation. Thinking back to the idea of black and white and the use of negative space, these are all things I learned about in art class back in high school but I had sadly never transfered that to my work. I am now very conscious of effective design principles in all of the work that I do. I would like to thank Dean for waking me up from the “lack of effective design” sleep that I was in.


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