Recently I was testing out the program Jing as part of my ECMP 355 course. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Jing, it is a free tool you can download from the internet that allows you to capture both still photos and video of your desktop. In the past I had always wondered how people created video tutorials of exactly what was on their desktop and now I know. With Jing you are also able to share these desktop videos or screen shots with others as Jing gives you a URL when you finish capturing your content. After playing around with this I began to think about how effective this tool could be in an educational setting. As a teacher, if you noticed that in one of your classes (let’s use Information Processing as an example because I am a business education major) students were continually having the same problems with assignments or activities on spreadsheets. Rather than having to explain the same thing over and over, you could just create a Jing of a spreadsheet showing students what they need to do and post it on the class website, blog or wiki. This is an excellent tool for teaching, tutoring and creating how-to videos. It can also allow for students to create their own Jing teaching their classmates how to do a certain task. I imagine it could also be very effective in distance learning courses or online classes. There seem to be many possibilities for the use of Jing in an educational setting.

I found Jing to be very user friendly and simple to use. Anyone out there dislike Jing or know of a better software program that does the same thing? Can you think of examples in other subject areas where Jing would be very useful? Do you know of an example where Jing has been used for a secondary or elementary class? Let me know what you think.

I have embedded a video created by the people over at macapper.com explaining and demonstrating how to use Jing. There is also a good instructional video on the Jing website.


One response to “Jing-a-ling

  1. Been using Jing for about a week, have made “how to” movies for working on our district wiki-http://wheatland-wiki.wikispaces.com/How+to+do+that
    Easy to use. I need to do better with the sound

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