About Me

Hello, my name is Jordan McFarlen and I am currently a student at the University of Regina. I am a Secondary Education student with a major in Business Education and a minor in Physical Education. I have just finished my second year in the faculty and I am very excited to one day become a teacher. Aside from school I stay very busy working, volunteering, and playing basketball as a member of the University of Regina Cougar Men’s Basketball Team. Physical activity is a big part of my life and I enjoy being active in my community.

I have a fairly general background with technology and computers. I am proficient with Microsoft Office and I am aware of blogs such as this, wikis and social bookmarking but I haven’t personally used any of them. I believe that they can be very beneficial when used correctly for both personal and professional reasons and that is part of why I enrolled in this course. I want to incorporate these tools into my personal and professional life.

In terms of schooling I believe that computing technology can be very beneficial. It opens up unlimited opportunities for allowing students to learn but at the same time there are also negative aspects such as cyber-bullying. This is where I think it is important for teachers to be up to date with the latest computing technologies so that they can help prevent things like cyber-bullying. Another issue with computing technology from the perspective of a teacher is the balance between personal and professional use with things such as facebook. These are all issues that I hope to learn more about in this course. I am very interested in the content of this course and I believe I will gain some very beneficial knowledge for teaching.


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